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This is the place to go when what we most want, is to find someone who can understand what we are going through. You are not alone!

Embracing Group

"Today listening to the twelfth theme our last theme, I saw a movie in my head before and after the group each theme made a huge sense in my life and in the life of people around me and today 4 months after my father's disincarnate so suddenly so painful and sometimes so hard to understand. I see myself stronger despite that I miss him I can be sure that the sight of love and gratitude made me forget how it happened, and letting gratitude and love flow into my heart, today we are a family with a still open wound with one more love is so great that we make ourselves strong because we know that our purpose in the face of this pain is to become better people more grateful and always share love. I can say that we are a small army of love I see people saying you are very strong and I always answer our weapon is love"

Love Stories

My Mother

Hello everyone who is part of the Grief and Loss Welcome Group! My name is Edson and I'm from Pernambuco. I want to share a little of my experience in this group who was a loving, patient and understanding companion to my pains of suffering and longing before the disincarnation of my beloved and great mother, Maria Petronila.

In September 2018, the 30th, after forty years of coexistence, friendship and companionship, I found myself physically alone, without the one who for longer, was still my "girl", my mother.

However, I was a little directionless to myself, trying to understand a little of what had happened. In this search for words of support and understanding, I do not remember how, but I was looking online for some vehicle that would lead me to some direction on grief, and I ended up finding the link that directed me to the Grief and Loss Project, which it is organized by Rosana de Rosa and her fellow travelers.

Initially I was surprised by the encounter with something that my insides were looking for, because I did not imagine that there was a group in this context. I believe some energy of good well directed me. As such, I was added to Group 9A, where I was able to meet other people and thus their stories of suffering and grief. I then realized that we are all here on Earth in the same boat and, and however much of us may think at some point when we are suffering or mourning, that they are occurring just to us, we realize that there are several other people experiencing the same feeling in other states, cities, countries. And in this moment so unique to each of us, our souls can be understood because they have hidden areas, and what better way than talking, understanding the history of others and reflecting on our own.

Together we become stronger to keep going and somehow look for smoother ways of understanding what we have been through.

In addition, the psychological and emotional support that Rosana provides with her words in her videos of the stages of grief, as well as her own example of wisdom, brings us in some way a serenity for reflection on what we are experiencing.

The prayer our beloved ones every Monday and the list with their names is another link of solidarity that brings us closer on the group, placing us as equals, feeling the same pains and longing, similar feelings.

On this road of evolution it is not easy to continue after the disincarnation of our loved ones into the spirit world. However, the Grief and Loss Project shows us that we need to overcome, knowing how to deal with this phase without shutting up. It's where no one will leave you talking to yourself at a time when all we want is to find someone who can understand what we're going through.

Each day we learn to live with the longing, which is turning the pain into a scar that does not hurt, but dialogues with other people. I want here to thank you very much to you who are part of this blessed Project.

A big hug.

My Daughter

My name is Nádia and I feel very happy that one day I found this project that saved my life.

In October of the year 2013, I lost my ground completely when my daughter in a crying phone call gave me the news that she had a very aggressive cancer .... then began an endless suffering, my life collapsed.

From then on there were 2 years of incessant and suffering struggles always walking side by side with my Emmanuelle.

My Manuzinha was my Safe Harbor and I was her’s, I suffered without being able to shed even tears in front of her and my grandson at the time with 3 years.

Even though I was a sympathizer of the Spiritist Doctrine I did not accept the situation at all, since I have no antecedent in the family of the disease and always feeding on organic products.

Two years after all this pain, my daughter disincarnate in my arms and on my birthday .... for me it was very traumatic at the time, just 20 days after I was experiencing another loss that was my only uncle and that I had as a reference of a father because mine I had lost at 11 years ... I started to live for living with no purpose in life.

I went to seek help from a psychologist who always tried to help me but my acceptance was very difficult. Then I went to have a psychiatric treatment and used daily an exaggerated dose of depression drugs and also many black stripe ... I came to attack against my own life, but it wasn’t my time.

Through the “Pílulas do Evangelho, I got to know the project and immediately clung to all my few remaining strengths.

Today I can explain all of the love, welcome and empathy I was received by all .... I will never forget that one day during the night I wanted to end my life again and at the same time I asked for help in the Group and immediately Rosana called and kept cherishing me for a long time, and also prayed with me.

After 3 months participating on the group and to everyone's surprise I was discharged from the psychologist and 2 months after the psychiatrist, no one could understand the miracle that had happened.

I started to want to live again and gave a new meaning to my life.

To my happiness a training group was opened for people that wanted to welcome others and I was fortunate to be invited.

I did the training with great care and always attentive on how to improve myself more each day, and also see others with more empathy.

Now I can say that my life has changed radically for better, I can feel the loss of a loved one very gently and naturally.

I became part of the group that welcome others on the project that saved my life and consequently of my family, I made great friends ... some virtual and some not and I always try to give my best to those who are experiencing this moment that was once mine.

I have a deep gratitude for all who welcomed me at the time and now as a part of the group I feel as if they are all from my family.

Rosana and Maysa in particular goes a different thanks because I find no words or gestures at all so that I can express the gratitude and love I feel for you.

God always bless you with light and with great energies to continue saving lives as you once saved mine. I love you infinitely.

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