The Project

The Grief and Loss Embracing Project is a non-profit organization whose goal is to offer comfort and support to people that are living through the pain of loss and grief of a loved one.


With the help of a group of volunteers, the Project has embraced many people by listening to all with respect and love, exchanging experiences so they can deal with their pain with peace and equilibrium. We like to call this initiative that grows each day, “An Act of Love.”


Our embrace is done online, interacting with people through the WhatsApp groups and in Telegram and making available materials in our social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Podcast: The Grief and Loss Embracing Project.

Project in Action



Last year, the Embracing Grief and Loss Project experienced a great opportunity offered by Fatima Bernardes from the program "Encontro from Brazilian TV Rede Globo". We received an invitation to participate in the program to tell how the Project welcomes people who are experiencing the pain of the loss and grief of their loved one. The video is available on globo play on October 14, 2019.

Division of Project



The first part of the Project is designated to: Listening, Welcoming and Exchanging Experiences through a Telegram Program.


Training for the Embracer


The second part of the Project aims to: Encourage people to Serve others by becoming part of the Welcoming group.

Amplifying the Conscious

The third part of the Project aims to promote the expansion of conscience for the benefit of the individual and the community, through self-knowledge and love.



“I am very grateful to God and all those friends who helped me to get here. Thank you for having received me so lovingly and respectfully. I learned a lot during this time that I was here, thank God I am being able to put into practice and improve my humanity. Big hug to all.”