About Us

Grief and Loss Embracing Project is a bridge connecting people through love. We count on the collaboration of a big group of fraternal volunteers, ready to embrace with respect and love the people who are going through the challenges of pain, loss and grief of their loved one.



How the Project Began


The Project was created by Rosana De Rosa, mother of two sons, Luiz Felipe and Thiago. At a very young age, she lived through the pain of their death. She went through several phases of the loss: missing them, feeling sadness, pain, emptiness, ... and the need to rebuild her life.
Motivated by the search for self-knowledge and helping others in their journey to self-awareness, Rosana later graduated with a degree in psychology. Since that time, she has been doing speeches and classes about the spiritual vision of life with the objective of expanding self-awareness.
A few years ago Rosana was asked by friends, to answer emails of people who looked for solace on how to deal with their pain and grief, due to the loss of their loved ones.
She decided to direct her work to these people. She felt this was a calling from the Universe, and accepted with happiness this volunteer work.
As soon as she started to answer the emails, she decided to do a rough draft of a book that she started to write more than a decade ago. It included information about her experience with maternity, with death, with life, with pain, and with missing someone. Rosana thought that it would help more if she separated her experiences in Whatsapp groups offering these 12 themes, that she classified as very important in her journey, in audio form, video, and meditations. She recorded all of these materials to be offered in 12 weeks, one theme per week, to be discussed on the groups and she called this material the “ Act of Love Program.”

So, the first Embrace Group was open, and after sharing with some friends, other embracers started to come to be part of this work.

Rosana De Rosa

How the Project was developed


A few months later, the first embrace group was done, and Rosana noticed how much people positively utilized the work, not wanting it to end. With her experience, she learned that serving others was healing. This led to her creation of the second phase of the Project, “Training of the Embracer,” where the participants who were previously “embraced,” and ready to welcome newcomers, could expand their experience with the project.

Having had the same experience as those that were now entering the program, along with having been “embraced” themselves, they were the right people to take love and hope of better days to the new groups. The training was a success and many that were not from the Embracing groups were added to the training, in order to support the Project. The trainings continued to expand with more volunteers in other jobs asking to be part of the training objective to “encourage other people to serve others.” Today, the hundreds of people who have finished the training serve society, and those that wish to stay in the Project after their training are more than welcome. They can take their experiences to their work, and those that decide to be part of the family of the Grief and Loss Embracing Project are received with lots of love.


When the Grief and Loss Embracing Project began


A few months later, the volunteers mentioned how helpful the Project was for their personal growth. Shortly after, the quantity of emails were greatly decreasing, so we invested in social media in order to take the embrace to many other people. In order to provide access to social media, we created our Grief and Loss Embracing Project domain.

At this time, we received an invitation from Globo (insert explanation of what Globo is: American people never heard of it) via a close friend who took Rosana to the Fatima Bernardes Program.

During the meeting, she offered a t-shirt to Fatima with the intention that she would wear it on her social media post. A week later the production called Rosana to tell her life story and talk about the Grief and Loss Embracing Project.

From this moment on, we vastly grew which allowed us to be a non-profit organization, Grief and Loss Embracing Project in the USA where Rosana lives.

Today we are found in more than 22 states in Brazil, more than 8 countries, with more than 50 supporters who work as volunteers and growing each day.



Studying in the Project

In the first semester of this year, we are beginning the third phase of the Project with an “Expanding Consciousness Program.” After a few months into the second phase, we noticed through the questions and concerns of participants in training, that people needed more training, opening doors for people to share their slef-knowledge and spirituality in their lives. Many supporters of the Project are speakers who give classes on the spiritual view of life, and together we created a study guide to exchange, incentivize, and help people to spiritualize themselves. Our studies are soon going to be available on Podcast and groups on Telegram.