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About Us

Grief and Loss Embracing Project is a bridge connecting people through love. We count on the collaboration of a big group of fraternal volunteers, ready to embrace with respect and love the people who are going through the challenges of pain, loss and grief of their loved one.




How the Project Began


The Project was created by Rosana De Rosa, mother of two sons, Luiz Felipe and Thiago. At a very young age, she lived through the pain of their death. She went through several phases of the loss: missing them, feeling sadness, pain, emptiness, ... and the need to rebuild her life.
Motivated by the search for self-knowledge and helping others in their journey to self-awareness, Rosana later graduated with a degree in psychology. Since that time, she has been doing speeches and classes about the spiritual vision of life with the objective of expanding self-awareness.
A few years ago Rosana was asked by friends, to answer emails of people who looked for solace on how to deal with their pain and grief, due to the loss of their loved ones.
She decided to direct her work to these people. She felt this was a calling from the Universe, and accepted with happiness this volunteer work.
As soon as she started to answer the emails, she decided to do a rough draft of a book that she started to write more than a decade ago. It included information about her experience with maternity, with death, with life, with pain, and with missing someone. Rosana thought that it would help more if she separated her experiences in Whatsapp groups offering these 12 themes, that she classified as very important in her journey, in audio form, video, and meditations. She recorded all of these materials to be offered in 12 weeks, one theme per week, to be discussed on the groups and she called this material the “ Act of Love Program.”

So, the first Embrace Group was open, and after sharing with some friends, other embracers started to come to be part of this work.



De Rosa

Psicóloga e Terapeuta

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Roberta Montellato

Publicitária, pós-graduada em Marketing Digital








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